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With our global talent network and use of artificial intelligence algorithms we help you connect, select and manage the best software development teams remotely

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Step 1
Understanding your Needs and Culture

Assessment to understand the needs, environment and organizational culture

Step 2
Global Professionals Fit

Search for the right professionals wherever they are in a simple way

Step 3
Agility in building teams

Agility in building teams to start your project as quickly as possible

Step 4
Setup and Onboarding

Established onboarding and team adaptation processes

Step 5
Following up Teams

Following up with teams during ongoing to ensure high performance and delivery of results

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Why Softwork

-Build and complement your technology teams with the best professionals
-Commercial competitiveness in hiring professionals
-Have the flexibility to increase your IT production capacity
-Simplicity and practicality for attracting and hiring IT professionals
- Compliance with labor regulations, tax aspects and bureaucracy to operate in each country
-Flexibility to pay professionals
-Understanding of culture between countries and adaptation of professionals
-Following up the performance KPIs of professionals
-Proximity and coaching with professionals avoiding high turnover
-Keep a constant evolution of your teams with training programs for professionals

Our Differentials

With artificial intelligence, global reach and connected to the main centers of innovation, our platform delivers the best developers and tech teams to you

We enable the global mobility of professional technology services connecting you with the best professionals around the world.
Technical and behavioral skills through a rigorous process of selection, qualification, and continuous training of professionals.
Competitiveness and high performance operating with the best qualified professionals from the main technology centers in the world.
High scalability of teams and professionals working remotely around the world.
Commitment and following up the teams and clients to ensure the delivery of results.
Quickly build global teams to deliver technology services in a scalable way.
Professional teams trained in English, Portuguese and Spanish working in operations 24/7.
Investment in training and improvement of teams through partnership with innovation centers around the world.